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Using Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2012 for IT Analysts

55022AC (Class Pack)
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Using Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2012 for IT Analysts
This one (without hands-on labs) or two-day (with hands-on labs) course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to use System Center Service Manager. Virtual labs (access to the online virtual lab and a downloadable lab manual) and hardcopy participant and instructor kits for this course can be purchased separately at
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Author: Acceleres Corporation

Course Duration: 1 Days


About This Course

This is a one or two-day instructor-led course that provides participants with knowledge and skills to use System Center Service Manager. The course focuses on use of Service Manager with other System Center products after its installation. It also focuses on how IT process activities such as the Microsoft® Operations Framework (MOF) & IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) can be performed using Service Manager.

There are two versions of this course: one-day / 9 hours / 540 minutes without Hands-on Labs, and two-day / 18 hours / 1,080 minutes with Hands-on Labs. The Course Outline listed here is for the two-day, 18-hour course. The one-day, 9-hour course covers the same presentation material in the same order, condensed to one day as labs are not included.

Audience Profile

This course is intended for IT Analysts who support End Users using Microsoft® System Center Service Manager 2012. This includes Service Desk managers and staff, as well as managers and staff at Tiers 1-4 of support organizations, including IT Operations, Technical Management, and Applications Management functions. The focus is on individuals responsible for managing Incidents, Problems, Changes, IT Assets, and Knowledge and Reporting for their technology streams. Participants should have at least one year of experience with IT Support processes or one or more System Center products (Operations Manager, Configuration Manager).

At Course Completion

  • Explain the structure and components of SCSM architecture
  • Outline Microsoft and Partner solutions that extend SCSM
  • Define key SCSM and IT Service Management terminology
  • List and describe the parts of the Service Manager console
  • List and describe End User and IT Analyst portal capabilities
  • Describe key SCSM concepts and process workflows
  • Perform key IT Analyst tasks using SCSM including Incident, Problem, Change, Release Management